Depression and Anxiety

Counseling and Somatic Therapy can help relieve Depression and Anxiety

  • Do you need relief from depression or anxiety?
  • Are you critical of yourself?
  • Are you chronically worrying or fearful?
  • Do you lack confidence?  
  • Are you unable to relax? 

It is possible to get relief!

You can learn new messages of self worth and self care to help rid yourself of the old worry, self-criticism, depression, and low self esteem.

Working with a somatic therapist can help you work with these difficult emotions

You can learn skills for coping with and transforming difficult emotions like depression and anxiety.  By paying attention to what triggers the feelings and how you habitually respond to them you can learn new ways to work with these emotions so that you can feel better.  It may seem paradoxical, but by paying attention to difficult emotions like depression, anxiety, stress, and worry you can actually start to feel better.  But often we put so much energy into pushing away these emotions that the feelings get bigger and we feel worse.  If we can surrender to the feelings we can learn to respond to them differently.  

Counseling and Somatic Therapy can help you feel better.

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